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Using different examples in a personal statement

Just think of the person who has to read the personal statement you are about to write before you go about writing it. Just think of the hundreds if not thousands of personal statements which will be written on behalf of an individual student. You are one of a great many. You want to impress. You want to get a particular job in a particular industry. You want to win approval to do further postgraduate study. You want to enter a college which offers courses you would love to study. Your personal statement will carry a lot of weight in your goals.

What will make your personal statement more effective? What will make your personal statement stand out from the others and give you an advantage? One simple task you can complete is to think of unusual examples. Most of your competitors will go down the tried and tested pathway. Think of your personal statement as something unusual. It follows the formula but it has that magic ingredient - different examples.

Think about different examples

Now everybody will need to go over their successful academic career. They will need to sound their own trumpet but do so in a truthful yet humble way. But in providing examples to highlight your success and your interests, try and look for unusual examples. Try and look for something which is different. Of course every individual student has their own individual academic record and stating this in terms which are not the same, which are not the usual mundane reporting, will give your personal statement an edge. Again, think of the person who has to read your personal statement. Nice won't cut it. Go for something out of left field, something unusual.

When you are applying for a particular college, make sure that you genuinely know what actually goes on in that institution, about those activities which you definitely know about in that college. Try and find unusual or different examples to make the person reading your personal statement sit up and say, 'This person has given their personal statement some serious thought'.

If you are able to quote from people with whom you have studied or worked then by all means do so. But by looking for different examples, activities which stand out from the mundane, you will again impress the reader and improve the quality of your personal statement.

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