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I Need Help on My Homework - Should I go online or offline?

Depending whether to go online or offline depends on the kind of help you are seeking. What resources are readily available to you? Is there someone offline who is knowledgeable enough about the subject to help? Is the internet readily available? Knowing the answer to these questions is the first step in figuring out whether offline or online help is best.

Seeking help online can be very helpful. The internet is full of free resources to help with all types of subjects. Informative articles are written on almost every subject. Forums are readily available along with chats as well. Most of the time, when searching the internet, someone else has already answered the question you are asking. Google the question and see if it has been answered before. The internet also has many people with all types of expertise. Most of the time, people are willing to share their expertise for free. Take advantage of this and use it for help.

Offline can be a great resource as well, if the proper help is available. If the teacher is available for help, use them. You teacher knows the most about the subject and knows exactly what they want on the assignment. People in the class can also be a great resource. Sometimes other classmates look at the question differently and may offer a different way to look at the problem. This leads to valuable insight and you may solve the problem easier than previously thought. Most of the time, classmates will be willing to help. Working together gets the homework done quicker and more accurate than doing it by oneself, depending on the partners.

Going online or offline for help depends on the kind of help that is offered. If offline help is more available and the person knows what they are talking about, then go with offline help. If nobody is available, check online. Most of the time, online help is easier and more accurate to find. Find the right resource for you by asking around.

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