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Why You Shouldn't Rely On Homework Answers That Are Completely Free

Homework is one of the least enjoyable parts of school. Students must complete their assignment before they can complete a class. Many students turn to online schoolwork solution websites to get help. Although there are some benefits of using these sites, they cannot be completely relied upon. The paid websites tend to offer a better quality, so students can use these pages if they are in need of help.

Reliability Concerns

The main issue with getting answers online is reliability. Literally anyone can post information on the Internet. Students have no way of ensuring that the person they are talking to is actually knowledgable about the subject. They may receive poor quality answers or the site may never respond. In addition, many of the free websites will not show the student how to do the work. Although getting the answer is always a positive, students also have to show their work if they want to get full credit on the assignment.

Deadline Issues

Someone who is working for free is far less motivated than a paid tutor. Many students put off doing their schoolwork until the last minute. This means that the website must be able to respond within a few hours or days to the question. Even well-maintained free sites have issues with getting answers to the students in time. On some of these sites, the web master is no longer an active participant in answering questions. It may be a random Internet visitor who answers the problem or no one may answer it at all.

Plagiarism Worries

For a basic math problem, students will generally not have to worry about plagiarism. Any style of written answer could end up being plagiarized. Answers to history, English, economics, science or literature assignments cannot be directly copied from the website. If the professor thinks that the student cheated on their assignment, they can look up the answer. Since free sites normally publish all of the answers, the professor will easily be able to find the same answer online. At the very least, students who use a free site should make sure to modify the structure and paraphrase the ideas.

When Can It Help?

A free site works best for students who just want to check their answers. Students cannot rely on the site to respond in time with a correct answer. Despite this drawback, the websites are still a fairly good way to check an answer before submitting an assignment.

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