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10 Good Homework Rules That Can Help You Improve Your Performance

When used well, homework can be used to improve the performance of your kid. The most important thing when it comes to homework is to understand where to assist. Here are 10 homework rules which when followed can help to improve the performance of your child.

Show a good example: As a parent, you will need to set a good example by showing the kid that you love learning. When the child is tackling homework read a book, newspaper or magazine.

Set up shop: One of the popular workspace for the younger kids is the dining room or kitchen. This is because they will feel comfortable when near you. However, the most important thing is to ensure that you have a space that is without disruption for homework.

Create a routine: You will need to make the kid to understand that homework should be treated like a top priority. Ensure that you have set a particular time when homework should be done. Have rules that there are no phone calls, TVs, playing of video game etc when doing homework.

Have a strategy for the homework sessions: Ensure that your kids understand the amount of homework they have and amount of time needed to complete it. They should then create a strategy for completing the homework. Some may choose to start with the hardest homework while others will prefer the easiest homework completed first.

Ensure that the kids has organizational skills: We aren’t born with some great organizational skills. These are usually learnt and practiced over a period of time. Organizational skills can help the kid approach the homework in the right manner and temperament.

Use practical application of the lessons learnt: Ensure that the kid understand how the lesson learnt applies to the outside world. For instance, you can let them understand why it is important to meet deadlines.

Ensure that you are present: You don’t have to be there physically but it is important to ensure that you are around when needed to help with the difficulty part of the homework.

Stay in touch with the teachers: It is important to ensure that you remain in touch with the teacher so as to understand the progress of your child.

Stress on study skills: Most schools don’t remember the study skills. You can use flashcards or help the kid to take note and underline when they are reading.

Encourage the kid to seek help: You can encourage kids to seek help from teachers after classes. They can also seek help from other sources where necessary.

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