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Math Homework Help: 5 Rules To Remember

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects taught in school. Most people tend to say that it is hard but in real sense it is one of the simplest subjects. All you have to do to excel in this area is just to change any negative mentality that you may have towards it and dedicate your time in the study of mathematics. The best part about this subject is that once you understand the basics you can be able to have a clue on how to solve even the most complex questions.

Math homework gives us the chance to test ourselves on what we learned during the day and determine the main weak areas. It also increases understanding on different topics. Remembering what you have learned is usually the hard part when it comes to education but there are some simple rules that you can follow so as to guide you on this.

Tips on how to remember what you have learnt

There are several ways that you can use to increase your ability to remember but I am going to mention five of the most easiest and basic ways of doing so.

  1. Use acronyms where possible. Acronyms are easier to remember especially in the case of ordering or arranging of objects and formulas. Some of the most common types of acronyms are like BODMAS and ROYGBIV. If possible create your own acronyms to make everything simpler.
  2. Understand the concept. Mathematics unlike other theoretical subject cannot be memorized and that is what most people fail to understand. Read deeply on areas that you do not understand so as to increase comprehension. You also have the option of asking your tutor on these areas.
  3. Study ahead of the teacher. Try and go through the syllabus before the teacher actually teaches the topic. It is always better to be a topic or two ahead. Doing this increases understanding of the topic making it much easier to remember what you learnt. Apart from the homework given make it your objective to always be ahead.
  4. Always test yourself. Try and do some practice questions regularly so that you can be able to understand the content better. Try not to look at the answers before you have actually attempted the question. This will help you remember how the question was solved once you come across a similar question.
  5. Teach others. Teaching others on what you know best will always allow you to remember easily. In most cases students remember easily what they were taught by their fellow students than what they learnt from their teacher.
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