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College admission essay writing guide: prepare your facts

In some ways your college admission essay is the most important essay you will ever write. The success of your admission essay will mean that you could be offered a place in the college of your choice and from there the world is your oyster. But the best way and the best guide to writing a winning college admission essay is to think about the facts.

There are three main areas in collecting facts for your college admission essay:

What have you done in your life?

What events or people have changed you?

What things or people inspire you?

Remember that the person or people reading your college admission essay will be looking for a particular type of student. You need to combine your answers to the above three points with the aims of the college. Read the college handbook or go over its website. What are the main features or qualities of this particular college? How can you impact these college qualities? In gathering your facts always keep in mind the ethos and qualities of the college.

The section about what you have done in your life will include facts such as your academic, altruistic and sporting achievements. The key here is to by all means blow your own trumpet but without ever sounding boastful. If you have gained qualifications, certificates, won awards or devoted time to helping other people, this information, and these facts should be presented. Always inject humility into your essay but by all means list your factual achievements.

The people at the college want to know what events or what people have changed your thinking and your way of life. They want to know how these changes have come about and what happened to your behavior because of them. Remember your college admission essay is a bit like a job application. This is what has happened to me when I've undertaken this type of activity. This is how I've become a better person.

But there is also the future to be considered. You need to gather facts about events which are likely to happen in the future. For example what type of people are likely to inspire you, to encourage you and to have you tackle particular projects. The college wants to know the type of person you are today and the type of person you could be tomorrow if placed in a situation where you can be inspired.

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