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5 Study Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier During Finals

When it's exam time, usually stress is high and time is short. You don't want to abandon your friends, hobbies or other areas of your life while studying, but you do need more time to prepare for the tests. How do you balance that? Keep reading if you want to know some tips you can use to make your life easier at this time in the semester. Being overwhelmed isn't going to help you focus.

Below are some tips you can use to study during the period of time before your exam. When you actually sit down to study, use these tips to make the most of your time and become more productive. Even when you're having trouble focusing or remembering what you're reading, it can be frustrating. It's not that much fun to study, but you can break it up with periods of other activities.

5 best study tips for your final exams

  1. Use the 50-10 rule. Try setting a timer and study for 50 minutes out of every hour. This leaves 10 minutes for you to clear you mind. Make sure you're completely focused on the studying for those 50 minutes, and then during the relaxing time, don't think at all about studying.
  2. Find practice quizzes to do. Have a friend or sibling ask you questions about the material and see how well you can answer them. You could even make your own "test" with the information you don't know very well, and then go through it after creating it.
  3. Practice for the final. If you think about it, final exams are often one and a half hours to three hours long. When you're studying, you should be doing it for that length of time so that you're used to focusing for so long. Otherwise it can be hard to stay concentrated on the work so intently during the real exam.
  4. Eat well and exercise! Your stress will go down a lot if your body is feeling good. Exercise will help your blood pressure stay low and raise your energy levels. And a good diet will make sure you aren't starving or craving something during the test times.
  5. Make a study guide for yourself a week or more before the test. It's helpful to use a big poster or a binder with everything in one place. Summarize the important concepts, write out facts and dates, and mark the things you most need to remember.
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