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7 Must-Know Strategies For Dealing With College Homework

College homework, the bane of your life! Just when you would rather be out trying on outfits for the parties that you have been invited to at the weekend you suddenly get handed down a homework assignment. You can either curl up into a ball and hope that the problem will simply go away, or you can implement my 7 must-know strategies and not only hand it in on time but also get to have a social life too!

Here's how:

Organization is key

Okay, so you don't exactly have to be Mary Poppins but you really do need to be organized mode when it comes to doing your homework. Having everything to hand and easily accessible will shave so much time off the whole project. The minutes quickly add up when it comes to hunting down text books and other essentials.

Stop dithering

We've all dithered over doing our homework. It is human nature when confronted with something unpleasant to try and put it off; or find other things that you "need to do". The most effective way to deal with any assignment is simply to crack on and do it.

Ready, steady go!

Your attitude and state of mind is critical to your overall performance. I am not suggesting that you should think of it as a race as that might encourage you to cut corners. However, if you can tackle with it the mindset of a disciplined sports-person then you are more likely to see the kind of results that you are looking for.

Delayed gratification

Whether you have a party to attend, or are simply planning an intimate dinner with your partner, delaying the fun until AFTER you have completed your assignment will give you more of an incentive to just cut to the chase. Having something to look forward to is a great incentive and you are far likelier to enjoy the experience.

Know your facts

Checking your understanding so that you are 100% clear of what is expected of you BEFORE you settle down to do your homework is always a good thing! Don't make the mistake of presuming that you know what to do as you might be in for a BIG shock.

Enjoy it

This might sound strange given how we are talking about homework here. However, it is an established fact that the more you enjoy doing something the better job you will do of it.

Turn it into a competition

Healthy competition among friends is never a bad thing! Turning your out of school studies into a game with your friends can not only make it bearable but it can actually act as an incentive to excel.

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