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Helpful Homework Tips: Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay

If you thought essays were a thing of your high school past, think again. During your college career you will often get given the assignment of writing a 5 paragraph essay which tests your language and writing structure skills. It's easier than you think to master a paper like this so have a look at some simple tips to follow that will give you some assurance of your essay meeting the requirements set by your professor.

The parts of your essay

Your 5 paragraph essay will contain an introduction, three paragraphs of main content called the body, and a conclusion at the end. The components should be structured in such a way that they connect well with each other. Make sure you have a good flow of thought in the content section of your essay and then ensure cohesiveness between the content and the introduction and the conclusion.

Components of your main body

The three paragraphs should be written first and contain the central theme of your essay. When writing this part of your essay, keep the following words next to you: Explanation; Example; Discussion; Theory; Reason; Question; Support. Forget about the order of these words; just keep them with you as a reference. They will be the main subject matter of your essay so pick the three that best fit your topic and use them as discussion points for your writing. Keep to one keyword theme per paragraph and make sure you convey the main point of each paragraph to its fullest.

The art of transitioning

Your three main paragraphs should now be put into a flow of thought that is sequentially readable and easy to understand. For example, if your first paragraph pertains to a question, then the second will be a reason; and the third a support. Pick the combination that suits you best and then make sure they follow an easy-to-follow order that renders your essay comfortably readable.

Your intro and conclusion

When your main content is done, sum up what you've written in an introduction and place that at the top. Make sure there is a good transition between the intro and the main body.

Once that's done, get started on your conclusion, or ending. Now remember, your conclusion is also a summary, but the tone will be different from the introduction because now the information has been laid out before the reader. Conclude with a summary that holds to a closing tone and end your essay.

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