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Homework Science Help: Writing Interesting Projects

Many people feel as if science is a very black and white topic to study after all science is based on facts and what we already know, in fact many scientific writing assignments are simply a re-expression of an already confirmed scientific theory. However, if this is the case how do you write an original science project? Much like with mathematics, writing a paper on this topic is hard because it requires a lot of regurgitation of data and facts and very little creativity. Students often ask, "how do I make my science project interesting?" because essentially a science project just tells us something that we already know, or re-affirms research that has already been done. Coming up with new scientific theories or concepts does come till much later on in your career as a scientist, so how are we suppose to approach these papers in a way that is unique.

Well, the good news is that completing a bare bones science project is easy, because everything is pretty much already done for you. All you need to do is be able to research, cite sources, trial experiments, and pretty basic stuff. However, the bad news is because this information is readily available for you to use, instructors are going to grade science projects harder in other areas such as structure and formatting as well as hypothesis and final conclusions.

Consider this; if everyone in your class is working on a science project in the area how will yours be different and unique? Well here are a few tips to make your science project stand out when it comes time for grading.

- Humor

- Insight beyond basic application

- Unique theories (based on fact)

- Understanding of cause and effect

- Presentation of new question

- Original observations

- Unique resources

- Creative deductive reasoning

- Introduction of a new concept

- Readability

- Creative writing

- Strong Vocabulary

They say that anyone with basic research skills can write a science paper, however writing a good science paper that gets notice takes a combination of all of these elements. Try to remember that just because it is science doesn't mean that all creativity must be abandoned. If you are genuinely interested in the subject matter take the assignment as an opportunity to express that. Who knows, you may discover that you are a better writer then you thought that you were?

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