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Homework Writing Prompts: Time Management

If you are given a topic for an essay on time management, this is a good opportunity to actually practice time management as you work on the assignment. Time management is an essential part of day to day life and without it chaos and disorganization follow. To truly understand time management in order to write effectively on the topic, you must be able to practice time management in your own life.

Real World Examples

It has often been said that the best way to learn is by doing, and the same is true when it comes to time management. You cannot write on something you have little understanding of. So when you are given an assignment like this you first need to look at your own life and see what time management examples you can find. If you are running short on examples from your own life, look to those you know who are close to you. Friends and family can also provide good examples that you can use in your paper.

The Process

Like many good habits, time management is not a natural behavior for most people. It is something that is learned and perfected over time. The more you practice good time management the more natural it is and the easier it is t apply to your life. This process of learning and keeping good management skills fresh can be a good part to include in your paper. It is important to understand that good skills and habits do not happen overnight and that they take work and effort but have great rewards in the end.

Be Flexible

Even with time management there needs to be a certain degree of flexibility. One cannot plan every moment of their lives. There are times when there are no plans and things just happen as they will. Also, it is important to remember that sometimes things deviate from the plan. One task might take longer than originally planned, or something might come up last minute that causes the plans to be altered. Being able to take these obstacles, overcome them, and continue on is an important part of time management, and the same holds true to your writing. Sometimes things don't fall into a neat little outline so you must be able and ready to handle these events and adapt to them so you can still complete the task at hand. This is true of your writing and of real life!

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