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Analysis Of The Play

The story called (Really Really) is about girl called Leigh that went to a party with her roommate Grace. In the party everyone was drunk and Grace hurts her hand and Leigh went to Davis room and he raped her. She saw blood in the bed that she thought that belonged to her, but actually that belong to her roommate Grace that slept next to her. Johnson is a friend and he was always there for each one and he cared about his friends. Jimmy is Leigh boyfriend and a friend of Davis and Cooper. When Jimmy knew about his girlfriend cheating Leigh told him that she was pregnant and when she woke up there was blood in the bed and when Davis raped her she could not do anything to stop him and he was responsible for everything. Davis was shocked because he did not remembered anything from Saturday night, he was a really good guy but the story of Leigh changed everything in his life. The university expelled him and his life was ruined. When Davis went to see Leigh, he knows that he did not ripped her and she was not pregnant, she made up the story because she did not want to break up with Jimmy. But at the same time, she liked Davis from the freshman year but he did not know. So Leigh made up the entire story just to make everything good in her life.

This was a magnificent story that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I thought I knew what it was about at first glance, but after sitting through the over two hour production, I was surprised pleasantly at some of the plot twists and turns. The actors were really into their characters; they showed emotion at a professional level and had me caught up in the emotional aspect of the scenes as well. When the actors were playing happy scenes, I felt their joy and when they were upset and sad, their emotion was contagious. With regard to movement and physicality, they were moving around and talking with moving their body and their face and body moving was convincing. They acted with a passion and determination that really made me believe in the story. The emotional connection and relationships between the actors available showed that they were comfortable with each other and they appeared friendly and familiar with each other's presence and characterizations. And they convinced me when they are connecting to each other and kissing and the words that comes from the heart. The acting was authentic and they were very believable.

When Johnson was talking to his friend Cooper, he wanted to advice him to do something in his life to study, and have a good future, but Cooper preferred to have fun in his life instead of focusing on his future. When Davis was crying about his life and how it became bad, that touched my emotions. I can identify with the pain of making mistakes that can affect the rest of your life. I don't like to see people crying, and when I saw him crying I wanted to cry. The work between the actors was awesome and they were related to one another and they listened to each other talk and respond with words from the heart. All the elements of the production seem unified and that reflected in the production values i.e., scenery/set design, lighting, costumes, and sound. The actors were moving freely in the stage. The stage was small and they did a great job by cut it to half like two places. I saw the show and everything was clear to me. The stage look like a small house, it made me feel comfortable with the ambience. The stage was simple, fill of good energy. The actor's costumes were good and simple and they were wearing their own clothes, jeans, t-shirts that made them feel relaxed while acting.

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