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John Boehner


The paper aims to examine the life and career of John Andrew Boehner. The study will leverage published sources and scholarly articles to offer a comprehensive coverage of the topic. From the essay, it is evident that Boehner is an active political leader and a reformist who has displayed a great political footing in the United States Government.

Early Life and Education

John Andrew Boehner was born in November 17th 1949 in Ohio District. He attended Moeller High School and graduated with honors early in the year 1968. Born from a humble background, John worked as a janitor and a legendary high school coach to pay fees through Xavier University. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in business in the year 1978 showing exemplary leadership skills in business clubs and university politics.


Currently, John Boehner is the speaker at the United States House of Representatives. For the 12th time, he was elected to represent Ohio 8th congressional District in November 2012. His service in the federal government adds to his success catapulting him as second in line of presidency (after the Vice President) according to the Presidential Succession Act. John is considered a strong reformer who took words for action initially establishing the term 'no earmarks' policy that he carries to date.


John shut down the scandal-ridden House Bank, exposed the cash-for-stamps and sale of drugs at the Post Office House. Among his other accomplishments include; uncovering dish-and-dash practices, assisted in crafting the House of America, a cornerstone personnel of the Congressional Accountability Act, he authored the Freedom of Farm Act and was part of the gang-of-seven that took on to establish the 'Democrats and Republicans' house.

Boehner the Reformist

What is more, John Boehner wears the hat of a legislator. He co-wrote a bill that allowed Private School Programs in Ohio District. In his five-year tenure serving as the chairman in the House of Committee, John ensured that parental choice solutions were part and parcel of the Leave no Child behind in Baptismal Act. He is a legislator who delivered real solutions watching the House as it passed the first-ever budget that held sustainable spending for years. He has made the earmark process exclusive and accountable particularly in 2007 when he began his tenure in the Republican House.


As seen above, Boehner has fast-tracked reformations surrounding national government. From the above biographical exploration, his preeminence in the political arena intertwined with bespoke leadership experience positions him before major reforms in the United States. John Boerne is also a father of two, Tricia and Lindsay, and happily married to her 40-year old wife Debbie. They live in the Northern suburban of Ohio, West Chester Cincinnati.

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